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Entertainment icon and Choreographer Shiamak Davar embarked upon a journey two decades ago with a vision to change people’s perception of dance, creating benchmark and setting standards for performing arts. Shiamak has led the world in embracing a dance movement that is beyond the ordinary, enthralling people in what can aptly be called the Shiamak Movement. Shiamak is on a mission to educate the world with the joy of dancing, a mission to entertain audiences with his creative brilliance, a mission to empower people with his belief that if you have the will, you will always triumph. Shiamak has nurtured SDI in becoming one of the largest dance schools in the world, reaching out to over 70,000 dance enthusiasts annually across India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Shiamak is on a mission to spread the joy of dance across the world.


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Office: 6D, Aristoc Rd, Glen Waverley -3150.

Mel: 0395616477 / 0403137963 |

Syd: 0481160106 |


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